Thursday, December 3, 2009

Highly recommended to everyone: a newsletter about beading

I have received today a new issue and couldn't tear myself away until I finished reading it. And then I thought I must share my impressions with you! :-)
I have been reading this newsletter since it began be published (about three years) and I should to note it is better from issue to issue. 

You will find there various tutorials, articles about artists from different countries,detailed information about exhibitions, review of literature novelties and more additional interesting and useful information.

I recommend to subscribe to the newsletter and you will receive each new issue to your e-mail box. Oh! I forgot to say: the newsletter is issued once per month.


  1. I found u on flickr and see you also have an etsy store - checked out your blog and had to comment on your gorgeous bead work. I tried seed beads and can only handle 6/0 (guess i am too old) but your work is great.

  2. Thank you so much. From personal experience seed beads seemed too tiny in the beginning, but in time the fingers used to :-)