Monday, May 17, 2010

Fairies Dance

Here is my last "creation" called Fairies Dance. Tiny bicone beads look like a lot of Tinkerbells dancing in the heart of the forest.
The central pendant is ruby in zoisite. I have bought it a long time ago but I didn't like it too much. At first I didn't plan to add any gemstone to this necklace, however the stone and the necklace were so perfect match, that I decided to include it in my work.


  1. tu trabajo es maravilloso, pero este en particular me encanta. felicidades por tu entrevista en beads,

  2. Tu trabajo es fantástico y esta pieza en particular es una auténtica maravilla.
    Felicidades por tu entrevista en Beads Perles y si no te importa voy a seguirte.

    Your work is fantastic and this particular piece is a marvel.
    Congratulations on your interview Beads Perles and if you do not mind I will follow you.

  3. gorgeous necklace!!I 've assigned a virtual prize for you,feel free to pick it up!Have a nice Sunday!